Course Rules & Regulations
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Course Rules & Regulations

U.S.G.A. Rules govern play with the following local rules amended:

• Out of bounds: denoted by white stakes and lines, steel or rail fences, or inside edges of roads

• Lateral water hazards: denoted by red stakes and lines

• Water hazards: denoted by yellow stakes and lines

• All yardages measured to center of green



Dress Code: Boone Golf Club recommends the following proper golf attire for the course and practice facilities:

• Twill/Cotton bottoms are acceptable

• Denim is acceptable without rips, tears or holes

• NO tank tops or any other attire with cut offs, rips, holes, or tears

• Any other attire deemed inappropriate by the golf shop staff will be impermissible onto the course or practice areas

• If you are questioning your attire prior to arrival, most likely it will not be appropriate golf attire

• Metal spikes are NOT acceptable – spikeless shoes and rubber soled tennis shoes are permitted on both the course and practice facility

For more information and tee times contact The Boone Golf Club

828-264-8760 or email: